Sleeves Digitizing

Sleeve Digitizing – Wear your style and bring out the real you!

Now you can have amazing and exquisite sleeve digitizing services with professional look and elegance only with Finest Tech. Over the years, people have accepted sleeve digitizing as a highly intricate and personalized form of artwork, where they prefer to wear their style that truly represent them.

At Finest Tech, we have the right resources to turn your dream artwork into highly efficient digitized format so you can have it embroidered onto your sleeves. Our innovative digitizers can help you design and digitize any artwork (irrespective of its complexity) into machine readable formats which then can be embroidered onto the sleeves.


At Finest tech, we take pride in offering highly unique and superior quality digitizing services to our customers in USA. We have been in the industry for a long time and over the years have enabled many SME and start-ups to get their hands around expert embroidery digitizing services within their affordability range. You can too ask for a free quotation of claim your first order 50% off for all digitization services in USA.

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Here’s why you should choose Finest Tech as your Embroidery Digitizing Company!

Free Quotes

Irrespective of the volume of work, our dedicated customer representatives are ready to draw a fair quotation estimate absolutely free of charge

50% Discount on Your 1st Order

We are offering amazing 50% off on all embroidery digitizing services including sleeves digitizing, cap loo digitizing, left chest digitizing etc.

Guaranteed Work!

We are offering 100% guarantee for all our works with limited free changes. If you don’t like our digitization service, you can always order for changes or modifications.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Yes, it’s a competitive world and you need to stay ahead of competition. That’s why we are offering fastest turnaround time for all orders and services. Our digitizing service time for a normal design start as low as 24hours and can take some extra time for more complicated or large designs.

A highly competent and Passionate Team

More than anything else, we take pride in hosting some of the most amazing, highly passionate and expert digitizers in USA. We have invested hugely in capacity building of our digitizers and feel proud to own them for their expert skills.

All major Output formats

Irrespective of the embroidery machine you are using, we can deliver you digitized files in all major formats. We are using state-of-the-art software and robust infrastructure to stay ahead of our peers and offer high quality digitizing services to our customers. If you want a specific format for your machine, you can always inform us about it in the beginning.

Gracious and Welcoming Customer Support Center

We know you feel anxious about your orders and we respect that. That’s why we have put in place a highly courteous and welcoming customer support center to help our customers at every stage of digitizing process. You can always call them and feel free to inquire about any service or bill or even a free quotation 24/7.