Finest Tech Solutions contributes to you subject embroidery digitizing & digitized files to the following ‘TOS’ (terms of service). If you don’t consent to the terms of service, you shouldn’t use Finesttechsolutions.com website.



Significantly, all the digitized files are for customer alone. The files can be easily used and downloaded on the customer’s products, or on the customer’s wish they can be sold to anyone. Customer will be the only file owner and have full rights to use it. Solely, Finest Tech Solutions will be converting the given logo or design to an embroidery file and the customer will be charging the fee for the service. Finest Tech Solutions won’t be the owner of the files. Finest Tech Solutions will not be selling or using those files, until customer approves them to be. Finest Tech Solutions won’t be grasped responsible for converting copyright material.



Finest Tech Solutions provides every possible machine file format. Vitally, the customer can try the sample downloads available here on the website. Before presenting a request and later asserting the records contributed don’t work. All requests are made with flawlessness, in any case it is your duty to check and verify the design before going into creation. Run the design as a trial and have changes made to it, if necessary. Finest Tech Solutions won’t be accountable in any way for any losses, which occurred due to errors in design before manufacturing and were not appealed to be modified.



Finest Tech Solutions will give an unequivocal support time of minor altering or alterations for every last request for a constrained time of 30 days with no charge. Edits for designs that are older than 30 days will be charged. Major modifications will be charged. The expense for significant editing Or the charge for altering files that haven’t been digitized by Finest Tech Solutions will be chosen by Finest Tech Soltuons when the demand is gotten. Size change (Up-Size) requests will be charged just the distinction of join between the first outline and the up-sized design. Size change (Down-Size) will be charged as an alter if the decreasing is close to half as it takes more work to change and conform the design for the smaller adaptation.



. Non-Refundable

Finest Tech Solutions gives advanced media (application) that can be downloaded in a split-second after a purchasing has been made. There is no “trial” or “effortlessness period” in the wake of acquiring the records which implies all deals are last. When you have our files, there is no real way to “return” it. Along these lines NO REFUNDS will be acknowledged. Designs are made according to per order. The client must be cautious entering the design measurements; Finest Tech Solutions will not give credits or refunds over any plan if the measurements had been entered inaccurately by the client. We give free modifying for 30 days’ as a standard, if anything requires a conformity for better sewing it ought to be done free of cost.



Finest Tech Solutions has the full procure to amend the prices of the services without any news at any time. Additionally, prices of any product are predisposed to change at any time after posting the amendments to the pricing page here.



The privacy policy protects how we use customer’s information. We take customer’s privacy to protect his/her information. Any confidential information is received will be solely used to fill your request. Your information will always be in secured hands.


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