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Embroidery Digitizing - From imaginative artwork to flawless embroidery!

Every time you see a precisely designed LOGO, stunning hat design or a mastered embroidery work should know the amount of energy spent behind creating that design by a “Digitizer”. Embroidery digitizing is a specialized service, aimed to create magnificent and eye-catching designs, LOGO, emblem and many other artwork that you see around you. Embroidery digitizing services refers to the process of transforming a raw artwork into a machine readable digitized “stitched” file, which then can be sew onto garments. The quality of embroidery / logo digitizing is crucial for the quality of final product that you see on different apparels.

Finest Tech, is a leading quality digitizing company in USA, offering its prodigious and high quality digitizing services to customers across the country and beyond. We have been the top preferred embroidery digitizing company for many regional and national organizations for logo digitizing, hat digitizing, and 3D puff Digitizing, embroidery digitizing and much more.

Here’s what we do for your digitizing task!

  • Before commencing any digitizing process, our expert digitizers look into any intricate complexities in design to get understanding of the precise specifications required. This is important for quality digitizing work and a refined end product
  • Once we know the design specifications completely, an outline sketch is digitized to produce a custom digitized file
  • After the initial sketch is ready, the path of nidle is determined. It is important to know the precise needle path for quality stitching
  • Once the stitching is completed, we look out for any additional stitch density or adjustment required. This includes adjustment of thread density, compensation for push or pull and underlay stitches.

The digitizer also changes the type of stitches used in the design to best reproduce the artwork and match your specifications for the file.

From imaginative artwork to flawless embroidery!

Quality of digitizing is the deciding factor for any embroidery work. Our professional and expert digitizers know the importance of their digitized files and take every precaution to produced finest and high quality embroidery digitized files. Over the years, we have helped marketing companies, small and medium businesses, embroidery shops and individuals to make most out of their businesses using our high quality and persistent embroidery digitized files. We are offering standard digitizing services in almost all major file formats, that’s why our embroidery digitizing services are compatible for all major embroidery machines in market.

Transparent Digitizing Services:

We are an ethical business model that’s transparent in all its services. As our customers, you get to know all about our work and services performed for your task and priced respectively. We accept all file formats as artworks including your imaginative rough sketches to proper JPEG files. We entrust our customers for the quality of custom digitizing work performed by our expert digitizers. Our comprehensive infrastructure facilities, state-of-the-art technology and expert human resource help us to offer smooth and flawless embroidery digitizing services in USA.

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